AMCOM Communications

  • Power FETS & MMIC Power Amps 
  • SSPA Modules
  • Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA’s)
  • Solid State Switches, Variable Attenuators, Mixers, Phase Shifters


  • Ceramic Capacitor Solutions
  • Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors based on Amotech’s MLCC Material, Process Technology, and Circuit Technology
  • ESD/EMI Solutions for Static Electricity and Electromagnetic Waves
  • Antenna Solutions for Wireless Communications

Coleman Microwave 

  • Tunable Coaxial and Waveguide Filters and Filter Kits
  • Waveguide components, Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors, Rotary Joints, Waveguide Assemblies & more
  • In-House Brazing Services:Coleman Aluminum Dip Brazing

ComNav Engineering

CX Thin Films

  • Precision Built-to-Print Thin Film Circuit Fabrication
  • Products include RF Attenuators, Resistors, Filters, Lange Couplers, Spiral Inductors, and other Custom Thin Film Circuits
  • Standard Library of Thin Film Spiral Inductors and Resistors

e360 microwave

  • Electromechanical Coaxial RF Switches SPST to SP12T
  • High Power Handling Capabilities to Several Kilowatts
  • Standard and Custom Switch Matrix Systems to 40 GHz

EM Research

  • Standard and Custom Designed Signal Control Products
  • Phase-Locked Oscillators (PLO’s) & Frequency Synthesizers from 5MHz to over 40GHz
  • Miniature Surface-Mount, Modular, and Connectorized
  • Frequency Multipliers, Block-Up/Down Converters, Eval Boards

Electro Technik

  • Comprised of USA manufacturers of Capacitors, Resistors, Magnetics, Transformers, and EMI & RFI Filters
  • Raycom standard and custom-designed Magnetics and Transformer products
  • Tepro of FL, and Hymeg Corp Resistors

Fujipoly USA

  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • SARCON Thermal Management Components
  • ZEBRA Elastomeric Connectors
  • Custom Silicone Rubber Extrusions


  • Frequency Control Products and Battery Solutions
  • Recognized Expert on the Future Market for Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Established in 1954, Jauch is a Leading Company in the Frequency Control Products Industry



Koaxis Inc.

  • Coaxial Cable Assemblies – Specializing in Small Diameter .141”, .086”, .047”
  • Web Order READY48 ships in 48 Hours
  • Readily Available Contacts for VITA 67 Platforms
  • Tight Tolerance Semi-Rigid Bending
  • Phase Matched Cable Sets


Malico Inc. 

  • Cold Forged Copper and Aluminum Heat Sinks with a Selection of Standard Footprints, Fin Heights, & Fin Designs
  • Plastic Injection Molding with Engineering Design Assistance
  • Precision Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Metal Die Casting, Machining, and Custom Liquid Cooling and Cold Plate Design

MAST Technologies 

  • RF/Microwave & EMI Absorbing Materials and Assemblies for Integration into Military and Electronics Solutions
  • Elastomer Sheets, Foam Sheets, Caulks, Inks & Coatings
  • Elastomer Processing Suite Equipped for Batch Mixing, Calendaring, Compression Molding, & Custom Die-Cutting

Mitsubishi Electric

  • Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductors & Devices Division
  • GaN & GaAs Amplifier Products, Silicon RF Amplifiers, MOSFETs
  • Optical Products including Lasers and Detectors

Southwest Microwave 

  • Market Leader in Hi-Performance Field Replaceable Microwave Connectors and Launch Accessories
  • High-Frequency Coaxial Connectors up to 110 GHz
  • High-Density Board-to-Board Connectors as well as Pin & Socket for Multi-Contact Solutions
  • Industry Defining Solderless End & Vertical Launch Connectors

Spacek Labs

  • Manufacturer of MillimeterWave Components & Subassemblies to 110 GHz
  • Amplifiers, Mixers, Converters, Frequency Multipliers, Sources, Detectors, Filters
  • Specializing in Custom Engineered Solutions for High-Frequency Applications


  • Custom Designed and Manufactured Slotted Array SAR Antennas and Assemblies
  • Space Qualified Microwave Components and Subsystems
  • Payloads with Space Heritage

World Products, Inc. 

  • Manufacturer of Custom Antenna Products and Solutions as well as an Extensive Standard Product Offering
  • Manufacturer of Overvoltage Protection Components
  • Supplier of Nexem Relays, WRG Relays, Pilkor Film Caps, Ebusbar Relays, Connectors, and Busbars